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Register Here. is the Film, Television, and Publishing industry’s premiere online marketplace for scouting the tv/film rights for True Life Stories, Film Concepts & Screenplays, Book Subsidiary Rights from large and small press publishers, TV Formats, Reality/Docu-Series, Life Story Rights, Game, and other properties available for development and production.

Agents may scout projects, as well as sell projects they represent. Current industry Agents must first Register for access to our database.

Intelligent Scouting

Agents scouting the TV/Film Rights Database are provided a “Mandate Match” feature where they may select up to 50 different subjects and themes to cross-reference any specific project from the database possessing any of those elements. This brings a more intelligent and efficient search experience for the Agent.

Discover Amazing True Stories

Writers, Creators, and private individuals bring an expanding array of unique and compelling true life stories submitted for review by Executives and Agents at our site. Search life story rights and true life stories brought to our marketplace from all corners of the media world, organized by subject and theme, and matched by your preferences for scouting.

Connect Directly with Publishers

Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents use our database as a centralized venue to archive the profiles of Books they publish and represent. You may search all listings of books submitted for your consideration in Non-Fiction or Fiction, with search results based on the multitude of subjects and themes you are currently seeking.

Reality TV Content

One of the most successful sub-genres of reality TV is the “docu-series”. Search our database for real life venues to develop and produce for unscripted TV. Many projects submitted are focused on unique businesses, professions, and families that hold organic drama (and humor) that are ripe for delivering entertaining content as TV programs. The database is also home to original tv formats, game show formats, and other properties available for development and licensing.

Movie Concepts & Screenplays “Based On True Events”

More compelling than a fictionalized story is the story based on truth. Many of the original screenplays and movie concepts submitted by Writers and Agents at our site are directly based on, or inspired by true events or subjects from all corners of life and history, including current events.

Keep on the cutting edge of development by using the marketplace as your source for scouting and selling TV/Film Rights in all genres.

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